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The collected thoughts and random outbursts of a mind plagued by wanderlust and a mild case of ADD.

Edward Hyde

Is just Tyler Durden… It’s not good vs. evil… Its freedom vs. restraint. Inhibitions vs. action… Hyde isn’t evil… Neither is Tyler… They are both just a departure from a social norm.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd go!!!! Only twelve more miles and then I’m free.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd go!!!! Only twelve more miles and then I’m free.

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Self-insult and injury

Self-beautification is self-mutilation… I’m not cutting but I’m getting cut… I’m not starving myself but I’m starving for attention… I’m not losing blood but I’m losing weight… We both have addictions, both easily visible… We both have a problem, mine just makes me look stronger but I’m really the weakest of them all… We both have blades I just lack the courage… I’m the strongest coward you’ve ever known.

Mother knows best…

*after a talk of the usual things… School, work, life…*
Mother: so when are you going to date someone else
Son: I’ve been on a couple of dates here and there.
Mother:……….. You’re still in love………
Son: I don’t know of I ever won’t be
Mother: you will… You have to… Or you’ll never fall in love again….
Son: mom I don’t think I ever will… I’m alone and this is a place that you’ve never been. You and dad have always been together and he has always loved you. You won’t stop and neither will I.
*son awaits the good advice she’s always given… The comfort of her words… Instead she begins to cry. She knows her son, like his father is telling the truth. She reaches out and hugs him and pulls his head down to kiss his forehead.*
Mother: you are right. I’m so sorry. I love you.

He is alone.